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As your Life Coach, Krista's mission is bringing your mind, body, spirit and emotions into harmonious alignment. Using her head and heart, she will help you discover all of the special talents, assets and attributes that exist inside your head and heart...a.k.a. your “Gift Zone.” She will build an alliance with you based on trust and respect, one that allows you to accept her many challenges for you. It’s her role to help discover, identify and bring out the best version of you that already exists within you. Together, you’ll mark every triumph in overcoming roadblocks in the pathway to your “Gift Zone” as you measure growth and success in your personal life, family, work, career, finances, relationships and more!​​​

She is fully committed to serving you, whether it is as your personal life Coach, as the organization development leader for your team, or expert guest speaker for your next meeting event. Give her a call today...

"If you are fully prepared to commit to YOU and the process to fulfill your journey...let's talk today!"

​Free 30 Minute Chemistry Session​​

"I'm very thankful for Krista. She was able to help me through a challenging time. Krista was able to help me push through areas where I had a hard time going BUT it was necessary to go through the tough parts and understands what happened.

My growth through the time I spent with her has helped me move forward in my life."

Kris, Iron Ridge, WI

In creating CHOICES Coaching & Consulting, LLC, I am committed to helping you unleash your full potential in your own personal journey toward a more successful, rewarding and fulfilling future.  ~Krista

"The best thing Krista did for me was ask the right questions and then leave it up to me to answer them and also to decide if the answers were complete or if I needed to ask more questions.  Without specifically saying so, she also taught me that it’s ok not to answer questions immediately, but to allow myself space to let the answer come to me. Sometimes this took months.  Patience is a requirement of this process. Answers came when they came and I had to be kind to myself and believe that they are working themselves through my head. Sometimes ah-ha moments spontaneously erupted during the session, but mostly it took a while. I feel more confident in my own ability to process personal challenges now that I have worked with Krista. I keep my touchstone papers handy, but I know that I can always call her to schedule another session if something is just not coming to me."

Sheila M. Buechel  ~  
Lawrence, Allen & Kolbe 


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