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Krista Morrissey is an engaging, provocative, and energizing facilitator.  Drawing upon her formidable background in organizational effectiveness, both in terms of educational credentialing and high impact professional experience, Krista enthusiastically shares her knowledge, insights, and suggestions in impactful fashion with individuals and groups.  She is a gifted speaker whose use of stories, anecdotes, vignettes, and case studies evokes a powerful reaction; time spent with Krista is time spent investing in new perspectives, opportunities, and possibilities.  Krista always succeeds in helping others to confront today’s reality and craft a dynamic, hard-hitting, and practical plan for moving ahead . . . with optimism and a positive mindset.

"For nearly two decades, I’ve empowered individuals to reach new heights in their professional and personal performance(s) as a premier Business Leadership & Life Coach."  

​"She has done a fantastic job facilitating the learning for several groups of WCTC leadership students as well as the Power of the Journey Retreat that I attended last fall.  I love her willingness to share resources and ideas, and her strong desire to help people grow and develop. Working with Krista has helped me to develop into a more effective person as she has taught me the value of self-knowledge and personal reflection."

B. Kujawski, Instructor
School of Business
Waukesha County Technical College

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