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Is your work environment toxic or healthy? Apathy, low morale and indifference are emotions that many people experience in the work environment. These negative emotions can also create a toxic work environment. The hard part is working your way out of it either individually or as group. Let Choices help! If the work environment is healthy then the employees' environment is healthy and productive. If your employee’s know their own value and values, they will be able to tap into their natural energy tank, where the power of positivity comes alive. The “Growth Camps” listed below are just a few topics Krista can discuss with your group.  Or let her know what is on your mind; she can create a camp around any issue. The first step to a healthy work environment is just making the first call to CHOICES, Coaching and Consulting.
  1. High School Leader Discovery
    You will stand face to face with your preferences, fears, confidence, gifts and the future. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.
  2. I Forgot How Smart I am
    What is your genius? You are more than what you do! Let your own genius be your guide.
  3. Core Mining
    When do you say YES, when do you say NO? Values tell you when to say yes and no and why you said yes and no. This is the CORE of YOU!
  4. The Energy Tank
    Circle of concern, influence, control, Mental, Emotional and Physical energy. Let us help you re-focus your energy on what really matters...YOU.
  5. Emotional Intelligence (EQi)
    How we manage ourselves and how we relate to others is proportional to our own success. Be more intentional in leadership and life. Grow your emotional intelligence.
  6. The Value of Gremlins – The Damage of Gremlins
    The narrator in your head (Gremlins) can sometimes lead you to self-defeating behaviors and beliefs. Let us show you how to use these Gremlins to your own advantage.
Who is your leader?
Do you know where you are going?​​
Maybe you need a little direction or maybe you need a lot. This is your life, this is your journey, who do you want to be your leader? Being your own leader is the best way to becoming the best ​ you possible. Krista would love to speak to you or a group of you and reaffirm that you are going in the right direction on your journey.

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